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Pelham Street Games

Join us on Saturday, July 20 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm for a day of larger-than-life entertainment with an incredible lineup of life-size games that promise fun and excitement for everyone! Located on Pelham St between College St and Churchill St. 

Our national sport can now be played anywhere and with anyone! All you need is your boots and a little courage to get into the arena and fight for the orange ball. Played in 3 vs 3 mode (teenagers / adults) or 4 vs 4 (kids).

Arena is sponsored by Pelham Hills Dentistry

Catch the light! Here is a good game to test speed and hand-eye synchronization. The 10 “buzzers” light up randomly green or red and each player must hit the button of his respective color as quickly as possible. Points accumulate on a scoreboard the first team to reach 25 wins! You can play in a limited space as you can separate the towers on the field. It’s your cardio that decides!

Buzzlight is sponsored by Mountainview Homes

Experience the thrill of the court with our electronic basketball arcade game. Challenge a friend as you aim, shoot, and score your way to victory. Featuring sound effects and LED scoreboard, this basketball arcade game will spice up your event. Epic showdown: who will score the most points in 60 seconds ? Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, our electronic basketball arcade will provide hours of entertainment and friendly competition.

eBasketball is sponsored by Marando Family Dentistry

Attention please! A skills competition is being organized here. Two game modes: SPEED (the 170 km/h record belongs to Francis Bouillon, former Montreal Canadiens player) or STOPWATCH, (the player must hit the 4 targets in less than a minute).

Fastrak (Sports Radar) is sponsored by Shoppers Drug Mart

Boom! Finally the Giant Jenga you’ve always dreamed of! The purpose of the game ? Remove pieces, in turn, without dropping the tower. The loser is the one who removes the fateful block. Our brand new version is made of foam and covered with a special lamination that eliminates the risk of injury. We also have a teambuilding version with 2 games where you have to build the highest tower.

Jumbotowa is sponsored by Sterling Realty

This is the giant cornhole game you’ve always dreamed of! Also known as sack toss, the cornhole is an old Canadian classic. Toss the bag into the hole of cornhole board for 3 points. Land the bag on the cornhole board and score 1 point. (It also comes with frisbees for a twist on the classic) The first player or team to 13 wins.

King Corn is sponsored by Kirkpatrick Stoneworks

This life size foosball table is played at 5 vs 5 and will turn many heads. Move sideways and use passes and bounces to send the ball into the opponent’s goal. A trip back to childhood guaranteed!

Stadium Foosball is sponsored by Milana Air

Meet the illegitimate son of basketball and tic tac toe. In this remix, two teams compete against each other: the X-balls and the O-balls. Launch them to take possession of the boxes and complete a line as quickly as possible. 

Tic Tac Dunk is sponsored by Policella Homes.

Inspired by a very popular game in university parties, the volleypong will give you a good time without even having to drink anything! Take turns throwing the ball at the buckets, eliminating those you reach. Be sure to prepare your aiming skills as some cups contain challenges for the losing team to achieve! 

Volleypong is sponsored by Lampmans Furniture

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